Application Form for

Transfer the Domain Name Ownership


l           Please filling in the form in full detail, and please prepare (a) This application form filled in with proper information of the new company and affix the corporate seals to it; (b) Fill in the Letter of Consent on the Transfer owner ship of the Domain Name, affix both corporate’s seals; (c) The Business Registration Certificates/Corporation Registration Certificate (or relevant proving documents) of both the assigner and assignee. If the assigner has petitioned for dissolution/corporate merger, attach relevant approval documents issued by competent authority.

l           Prepare all the required documents as mentioned above, and fax or send them to TWNIC by mail for processing.

l           TWNIC will complete your request within 3 days upon the receipt of all required documents, and will reply you by e-mail after proper screening of the documents. We recommend you to directly link to the webpage ( ) to check if the change has been completed as applied.

Reason for Transfer is

Domain Name


Company tax code


Company Name


Applicant Name


Applicant ID No.


Company Address


Company Address

Zip code


Company TEL


Company FAX


Contact E-mail Address


Company seal /behalf person seal (signature)


Agent’s Company name


Agent’s Applicant name


Agent’s Company Address


Agent’s Company TEL


Agent’s Company FAX


Agent’s E-mail Address